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A little about me

I've been taking pictures since I was 13 years old.


I’m keen on beauty. In the best and deepest sense of the term. I’m a fashion photographer in the past, whose works have been published in magazines and were shown at the personal exhibition.  


Beauty is everywhere - you just have to open your eyes to see it: people, landscapes, the sunsets, the laughter of the child... Beauty is every day with us, this is a ceramic cup with flat white, and a golden fresh croissant, colourful peppercorns and warm tenderness of lemon peel, a snow-white crisp tablecloth ... So I decided to put myself in the way of beauty and photography.


I moved from Eastern Europe to Bali (Indonesia) in 2012. About four years I have explored amazing Balinese culture and Asian culinary traditions. Plenty of colourful exotic food in my kitchen...I wanted to share this experience with my friends to show my knowledge and how easy to create beautiful and delicious food. Everyone can do it in his own kitchen. This is inspired me to start taking photos of recipes and to publish them in the blog. My first cooking blog was created about 5 years ago, in October 2013. 


"We are what we eat" - food is an important part of a happy balanced life. I know it as a woman and as a mother. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, natural, whole foods and maintain good portion control. As a result, more and more of my recipes have become healthy, gluten-free and plant-based. Worked as recipe developer of vegan desserts. I was selling my vegan sweets in the popular Japanese fusion cafe.

Met with a wonderful lady from Japan. She taught me the basics of Japanese cuisine - and part of my heart forever belongs to Japanese cuisine.


The passionate traveler, I visited more than 20 countries. I love to learn the local culture of the country through the culinary traditions and its beauty.

I'm based in the Auckland (NZ) now, one of the purest places in the world with unique food traditions.

I studied at the culinary school. Basic culinary knowledge is very important, this is what allows me to create interesting dishes easily and experiment with new ingredients.

Now I’m working in my personal home photo studio, where I do the recipes, food styling and photos for my clients, the best NZ food manufacturers. The studio with natural light has a fully equipped kitchen. I use hi-end photo equipment and the latest digital technology to craft extraordinary images for a wide variety of clients. I also have my own collection of food styling props and a collection of unique photo backgrounds, which have been created by the artist, my husband.


I find my inspiration in exploring modern cuisine and creating my current blog Crazy Cucumber to share this inspiration with my subscribers.


Love. Cook. Create.




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